Bahuranngi – Celebrate life.

Where life comes alive & dreams dare enough. Crafted with love & wrapped in smiles, we create a world of happiness for you..

Bahuranngi is about celebrating life

Life is an amalgamation of isolated moments that we express in myriad colors, textures, size and shapes. Bahuranngi is about capturing every mood and nuance of life.

India, a land of varied cultures, belief systems, rituals, festivals, customs and endless celebrations, is also a rich repertory of handicrafts and handloom products of all kinds and for all occasions, fit enough to capture every mood and expression.

Bahuranngi is a tribute to this varied & diverse ethos of Indian culture. This is a product line that will capture the vivaciousness of today’s world, and at the same time strengthen the roots bringing back the age old textiles, crafts and techniques.

Bahuranngi – to You from Me

We recognize that style is personal, and admire beauty of the individual. That is why we want to be a part of all your endeavors and lend a unique touch to each moment of your life. Taking this philosophy we also offer customization to your specifications. We are a group of chatters who don’t mind discussing your individual design desires over a cup of tea.

Crafted with love from scratch, each product is a result of continuous effort and hard work by a team of designers, skilled craftsmen, and technicians.

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