The Art of Block Printing
04 Aug

Block printing is known to have its origin since 12th century and was originated in few parts of Asia. Block printing was brought in India by Chinese through silk route, and was whole heartedly accepted by the artisans and the dyers. In India, it is known to have its roots in regions of Gujarat, Rajasthan where they have designs called as calico, and some parts of southern India. Prints inspired by Mughal architecture, stories from the mythological India, diving deep down in elements of nature, to the modern abstract art, block printing has travelled a long way.

This timeless and classic form of printing involves several steps before getting those beautiful motifs:

  1. The intricately carved designs on a piece of wood which is processed, dabbed in colour and pressed firmly on the piece of cloth to form the desired pattern.
  2. Each block has holes at the end to allow aeration and to ensure even impressions. Each block is soaked in oil for a week or two to soften the piece.
  3. Meanwhile, the cloth on which the printing is to be done, is washed and bleached in a gentle solution to remove starch and dried properly.
  4. Each color in the design is carved into separate block. The dyes are mixed and prepared.
  5. Once everything is ready, the cloth is stretched from one end to other and are pinned to the table making sure that no wrinkles appear.
  6. The printing is done from left to right. It begins with outline block or ‘Rekh’, which should be done with more precise. And then filling is done using the fill block or ‘Datta’ using same or different types of blocks and colors to create the finest designs and every garment made from these fabrics narrates its own beauty and efforts.
  7. Once done, the cloth is finally washed and dried.The Art of Block Printing

Despite living in 21st century and loving all the digital designs, there are still the ones who admire the age old handicrafts. No matter how much we get attracted toward the new quirky and cool designs, deep down our hearts will always have a place for block printing. Bahuranngi is a potpourri of old traditional technique with western contemporary style. This beautiful amalgamation of tradition and style turns our products into the most unique ones.

To beat the heat this summer, get this beautiful casual cotton dress inspired totally from block printing. Floral prints are one of the coolest designs for summers and this princess cut dress comes with V-Shaped pockets and beautiful tulips prints will keep you close to nature keeping the look calm, authentic yet edgy.