Role of Attire
21 Sep

I may be accused of using a cliché but it is so appropriate that I cannot resist the old adage – “God made man, but the tailor made him a gentleman is so true.”
Dressing is woven into every aspect of our lives both individually and communally, sometimes without us even realizing it. It starts even before the birth of a baby, when a whole new wardrobe is designed and assembled. At every stage in our life we have special garments that are as important as the milestone in our life. We have birthday dresses, party attire, school uniform, casuals, formals, sport wear, leisure wear office dress, wedding garment and the list goes on…. The conclusion is that fashion is a powerful nonverbal communication tool. Our choice of how we dress up sends messages to the outside world. Each piece of clothing and decoration is our character that others read. Despite the changeable nature of the ideal look, tireless pursuit of fashion is actually tireless pursuit of our identity.

According to Georg Simmel, the famous sociologist, two social trends are required in order fashion to come into being: the first is the necessity of uniting and entity, and the second – from isolation and separation.

The human individual has a primordial need to be part of the society and belong to something greater on the one hand, and on the other hand, he/she wants to be seen as part of a whole. According to him, both for fashion and about the society in general, what is essential is the conflict between two forces, the clash between two propensities- “adaptation to society” and “individual deviations from its requirements.” Consciously or not we use clothes as a means of identification -to ourselves and others. Whether you want to be outstanding in the society or isolate ourselves in both cases, consciously or not we distinguish ourselves.

So clothes are the outer expression of who we are, how we want to establish our identity and express our myriad desires, wishes and aspiration. Clothes give us confidence, joy and a freedom to feel our own self. It is a sign that often points to a reality beyond itself. To look different and distinguished is a human flaw. Our heart craves for variety, grace, elegance and that elusive X factor. Garments, when crafted with love and passion provide to a large degree, what we crave for – An identity.
It is often said, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. On the flip side, if the cover is fantastic, the book is likely to not only get desired attention but also appreciation it may deserve. Quite evidently, our appearance has a huge role to play in the impressions we leave on people and the way we are perceived in everyday life – professionally and personally. So if clothes make such an impact, then why must something keep you from nailing it!

P.S. – Twirl in your favorite dress today! And feel the happiness…