Size doesn’t matter!
03 May

Who makes affordable clothing in “odd” sizes?

As traditionally thought fashion today is not restricted to a certain size. But still, how often have you tried on a piece of clothing in a store and it is some ridiculous size number that you never imagined you’d wear?  The truth is, with all the thousands of clothing companies out there, you don’t have one true size. With sizes measured in words and numbers like “small,” “medium,” “large,” 0, 8, 26, or 36, these measurements are all subjective.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an extra extra small or extra extra large, when it comes to fashion, the most important accessory you need to wear all day, every day, is confidence. Buy clothes that fit your body because when things fit properly, it makes you feel good. Don’t buy clothes based on certain numbers and try to squeeze into them. You wouldn’t buy smaller shoes just because they are a smaller number, would you? No, so why would you do the same with dress.

Comfort has emerged as the overriding factor in deciding the collections now by designers across world. The reasoning that if you want to look good then you are bound to wear certain kind of clothes is also no longer applicable.

More and more brands are now recognizing the market of odd sizes; still the size grading is done mathematically. So if you have a muscular arm or a slightly heavy bust, the garment you buy might still be disproportionate. To produce clothing well, it needs to be fit that truly represents the customer. Unfortunately, getting the correct fit and in budget is a big challenge.

Clothes that fit the women who want to buy them, is the trend, which we recognize at Bahuranngi. Hence every piece in our store can be customized to fit your perfect size. All you need to do is pick up the garment that fits your best. Measure the bust waist and hip, give us your full length and we will connect back. If you have any special recommendations or problems you usually face in tailored garments, feel free to put a note.

If you are not confident whether a piece will look good on you, or you need some other colour we will be happy to help where ever possible. Write your queries to us at and we will make sure that you have your dream dress to flaunt comfortably on your doorsteps..