The World of Mandal
12 Sep

There are many ways to represent the Universe through different forms of drawings. ‘Mandala’ is one such way to represent the spirituality in Hinduism and Buddhism. In Sanskrit, Mandalas are ‘Mandals’ representing the universe. Whereas, the literal meaning of Mandala is ‘Circle’. Mandalas are basically a square containing several layers of circle, with a centre point. A mandala, can consist different forms of art to signify different deities, cultural symbols or symbols to represent elements of the Universe.

Mandala represent the mindfulness. It also recites the story of wholeness in a cosmic diagram.

  • They also represent the three vital part of life, the water, the air and the land.
  • The dyer then tightly ties that portion with a hole with a thread, and then the fabric is washed to remove theimprints.
  • The Manadals are also used for meditation in both Hinduism and Buddhism, creating the feeling of oneness. Many have also accounted to feel a connection with their soul by drawing Manadalas.
  • They have said to have restored their inner peace and calm. There are also customised form of Mandalas that represent family members relating themselves to various elements of solar system.

Using Mandalas in various forms in our daily life can create a whole lot of difference. Wearing Mandalas can make you feel close to the mothernature and the whole cosmic universe keeping you more stable and calm. At Bahuranngi, we celebrate mindfulness and inner peace.Sun Kissed Kurti with Shrug

At Bahurrangi, we believe that every bit in universe serves as one or the other way of inspiration. We try to create a connection between ourselves and the entire universe. Combining Mandalas with heart-warming colours will bring all the joy and peace the universe has for you. And this beautiful sunkissed kurti along with Mandala designed jacket is just a way to make you feel connected to the inner you and the universe.

This surely, is a must have for your wardrobe. This happy colour will surely lighten up your mood and make you feel more connected to nature and life.